Dessert Mechatronic system usable in the freezer

The Dessert Mechatronic system is usable in the freezer. It is a device in the field of household appliances and making desserts and ice cream, especially with the ability to be placed inside the freezer while working. One of the problems in preparing homemade ice cream and cold or hot desserts is the lack of a suitable device that can stir and control the parameters in time —placed inside the freezer. In this invention, the problems of controlling the battery temperature inside the freezer and controlling the dessert’s temperature, speed and amount of stirring, time, and amount of creating air bubbles in the ice cream or dessert have been solved by using the method of wireless data transmission. In addition, minor changes have allowed washing even under the water surface. Another problem is the ability to keep drinks or desserts cold or warm outside the refrigerator, which this device has solved by using the cooling element when it is placed on the charging base.

Mechatronic control of earthquakes

Mechatronic control of earthquakes by a three-phase damper in the double foundation layer is an invention in the construction industry, especially with the ability to resist earthquakes. One of the problems in building a structure in earthquake-prone areas is its resistance to all kinds of shocks caused by this wave and the resulting energy, which causes parts of the building to break or fall and be destroyed. Considering the nature of the building and its stability, It may be necessary to change the situation during an earthquake, and we have to waste the energy generated by the shear wave in the building. When the longitudinal waves arrive, the sensors activate the dampers installed in the foundation and prevent them from increasing or decreasing their height in relation to each other. By installing these types of dampers that use three types of gas, liquid, and solid, the need to use a shear wall and install the damper in the frame is reduced or eliminated.

Electronic ambulatory shock-pace device and pulmonary resuscitation

The all-electronic ambulatory cardiopulmonary shock-pace and pulmonary resuscitation device is a portable electronic device with relatively small dimensions (approximately the size of a mobile phone charging power bank ) that is usable for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Since people with a high risk of heart failure are always in danger of death, the existence of a device that reduces this risk is very noticeable. In the existing methods, this resuscitation is done with heart massage and chest compressions, which due to the fatigue of the person, even if he is skilled, causes pressure injuries. Moreover, fatigue and reduced power are undeniable. Also, the available devices have immense dimensions, which are always tricky for the person to carry due to their size and weight. In this device, by using electrical stimulation of the heart muscles and artificial respiration through the nose, the two vital systems of the injured person are kept active until the medical team arrives. Furthermore, to increase the device’s efficiency, a good measurement system of electronic heart signals and a display and voice messenger are also considered.

Mechatronic system for increasing drag force

mechatronic system for increasing the traction force in the trailer is an invention in the automobile transportation industry and speed reduction equipment independent of brake – retarder and intarder – especially with the possibility of being independent of the trailer puller. In this invention, an attempt has been made to solve the problem of reducing the speed of trailers on the slope of the road without using brakes. In the existing inventions and cases, the problem of speed reducers is the increase in temperature and pressure on the gearbox and the tractor engine, which in addition to generating unwanted heat, there is a risk of rotational collision. It has a trailer and a scissor-scissor, which will solve these problems by applying traction force from the trailer and reducing the speed of the wheels. The temperature reduction is helped by cooling the turbine, which is circulated by the hydraulic power lost in the reducer. to be

Solar floating desalinizer

A Desalinizer independent of photovoltaic cells is an invention in water purification and desalination facilities, especially using solar radiation energy. In the previous inventions and equipment, which was done using solar radiation and filtering water desalination, the required pressure was provided by a solar cell and electric pump, which was expensive and low efficiency. In this method, the required energy is reduced by using the expansion created in the compressible fluid of a pneumatic motor, which minimizes the previous problems. Also, the salt increase problem in an area due to the effluents from filtering, which causes ecosystem changes. The beach could be minimized by floating the clarifier and mechatronic control of the sewage transfer in two different directions.

Device and method of invisible electricity switches in the hall and the rooms

One of the problems of the architects in the building is to place the switches and sockets in the right place while maintaining the beauty of the interior decoration—maximum efficiency with minimum error.

Spilt flush with the wall

split equipped with an innovative rotating triangular compressor in the field of construction Refrigeration of the building, which tries to solve the problem of the bulge created on the surface of the internal and external walls of the building by the existing gas coolers. To reduce the thickness, the biggest challenge is changing the shape of the compressor, which has been solved by using a rotating triangle piston inside the oval cylinder. This compressor is placed in the center of the spiral condenser so that the thickness does not increase due to the placement of the layers on each other. Another problem is the precise adjustment of the temperature/humidity in the room, which is done using a Bluetooth sensor. Also, the proper direction of the water from the condensate inside or outside selectively is another, the problem has been solved in this invention by the controlled pump of the water conductor to two areas of returning to the air inside or outside the building. Creating a network under the Bluetooth standard frequency also has problems, such as the need for an infrared remote control and Fixed sensors with a wired connection.

Hair Shaver with Hypoallergenic Flexible Blade

 The hair shaver with a hypoallergenic, flexible blade is a type of electric shaver with the capability of changing the shape of fixed and moving blades placed on top of each other by the shape of the shaved surface. In addition, it can inject foam or oil from inside the moving blades, and there is the transmission of ultraviolet light in the fixed blades.

Dual jet engine capable of flying at high altitude

Designing a type of dual jet engine capable of flying at high altitude by the added turbines and gearboxes and the feasibility of converting mechanical power to electrical power and vice versa in different situations, as well as the bypass airflow tunnel controlled by perforated rims to control the entry and exit of fluid, and the rotating shafts to transfer the power of the engines to each other controlled by an electronic clutch.

Smoke/motion/vibration/temperature laser detector without the need for electrical energy

One of the problems in the detectors that have existed since the registration of the patent statement is the need for electrical energy to measure and transfer data to the central device. We also needed several detectors to measure different stimuli. In this invention, using several of the laws of physics and their effects on the intensity and angle of the laser beam, which are in a closed polygon from the emitting device to the receiving device, which is located at the smallest distance from each other, the presence of smoke, objects Moving, increasing more than the limit, the blow will be apparent.